Our Passion

One thing you should know about us at Retiree Financial and Insurance Services is that we absolutely love what we do. We know the difference we make in people’s lives, and we are honored to work with every client who chooses to join our family.

Here are a few of the things we’re most passionate about...

Being Proactive image

Being Proactive

Financial wellness in retirement is complicated because most people have a fixed income that doesn’t change in an environment that constantly does. That’s why we take a highly-proactive approach and emphasize client reviews -every six months (or more frequently, if needed).

Preventing Problems

When people climb Mount Everest, they often find that it is easier to reach the top than it is to deal with the issues they encounter on the way down. This is, in large part, because most of their planning is focused on the upward climb rather than the descent. Similarly, more people experience financial difficulties after retirement rather than before it, when their objectives are more clearly defined. At Retiree Financial and Insurance Services, we work with our clients to help ensure that they have both a clear approach to reach their retirement goals, as well as a specialized, tailored strategy for successful implementation. We know that on Mount Everest, more people die on the way down than on the way up, just like more people get into financial trouble after retirement, not before it. We’re passionate about making sure that doesn’t happen to our clients

Empowering People

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients do the things they want in retirement because we’ve helped them make solid decisions regarding their finances. We approach each day and every client interaction excited to empower those who have entrusted us to help them with these major life goals and decisions.